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Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

Flag Halyard Chair, 1950 by Hans Wegner +  white sheepskin
Made by Getama, steel and Halyard

With the Flag Halyard chair, Hans Wegner pay a tribute the modernists like le Corbusier, Mies van de Rohe and Marcel Breuer. He proved at the same time he was also a master in the use of steel tubes. Despite this infidelity to wood, his favorite material, the Flag Halyard chair features a wegnerien style. The flat surfaces are made using a long, single halyard flag, 140 meter long, covered with a longhaired sheepskin that comes to soften -  and somehow contradict -  the coldness of the steel industry.

The flag line is made of natural line woven around a core strong enough to avoid stretching over time. A skilled worker makes the weaving in about 14 hours. The PP225 chair is available in natural and black linen.

dimensions: L 115 cm x W 104 cm x H 80 cm
colored polished frame (white or green) = 8095,00 EUR; stainless steel frame = 8512,35 EUR + long-haired sheepskin = 617,00 EUR