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A few chairs

These pictures are made in Bea's house and show a few vintage chairs, combined with new designed accessories.

The first chair in this serie is the iconic 'T' Chair by William Katavolos, Douglas Kelly and Ross Little, designed for Laverne international in 1952. The chair has a T-shaped frame which is in chrome. The patine is in black leather. For more info, click here. The sculptures on the wall are from Antonio Sciortino and are available in many different colours and sizes.

This green chair was designed by Harry Bertoia (1950). The sculpture lamps behind the chair are in paper and designed by Matthieu Olyff.

The white chair is the Top Sit by Winifred Staeb (1969), the wiggle side chair is in cardboard and designed by Frank Gehry for Vitra. The white sitting element is new and made by Il laboratorio dell' Imperfetto (available in different colours and sizes).  The table is by Paolo Piva and has the eloquence of a sculpture (3 x 1 meter).