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Three times green

Because spring is still sleeping, we take care for the green ourselves.

On the first picture you see the colorful green vintage haller shelf by usm, this cabinet brings you fully in spring atmosphere. This stunning object is a real eye catcher in your interior. And ideal to combine with a vintage lamp in chrome. 

The green m5 table by established & sons is strong, elegant and simple to assemble. Inspiration for the form and character of the very versatile m5 table came from a motorway bridge. The association between functional engineered form and the m5 is easy to note. The black vintage laflaca floor lamp made by metalarte consists of a aluminum structure. 

Everyone knows the famous designer Rietveld and his spectacular red-blue chair. But the vintage Mondial white chair by Rietveld is a true classic piece. As interior object the wooden bowl by Michael Verheyden is a real MUST HAVE. It has many different functions in each interior. Because in spring the evenings could still becold we take care of this with a colorful plaid by E15.