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Let's have a look in Bea's living room:

The vintage Togo sofa by Michael Ducaroy is a Ligne Roset classic. In this picture a 3 + 2 + 1 + corner set is shown, all in artificial black leather. The bowls on the table are in copper and handmade by Annick Tapernoux. Annick feels very close tot the Wabi Sabi philosophy. A quest for an aesthetic ideal in everyday life: simple objects with understated beauty, imperfect, which carry the marks of nature and the one who has shaped them, and which endure with grace the marks of time.

The white lamp on the sideboard is the Movimiento II by Matthieu olyff, a sculpture lamp in paper. The chair with the white sheepskin is the Flag halyard chair (1950) by Hans Wegner, made by getema, steel and halyard. The basket is a vintage unique molvae wood basket. The vintage sideboard was designed by Hans Gugelot (1950/56), and is made in white laminate and teak. The handmade carpet is in sheepskins. Also on this picture a vintage eternit bowl and the white vintage lamp.