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Jules Wabbes cloakroom

Jules Wabbes cloakroom, scroll downstairs and you will experience something authentic.

Wall-mounted wenge coat rack, designed by Jules Wabbes. The slatted coat rack was created around 1957. It is a wall-mounted coat rack consisting of heavy shaped wenge slats, metal poles and two-dimensional movable hooks in brass or chrome. Here it is decorated with beautiful designed accessories, for example leather objects by Michael Verheyden, two handmade scarfs by Private 0204 of Copenhagen and a lovely turquoise handbag by atelier Marchal.

Near to the cloakroom you have a water closet for the guests. The contrast between the classic black Panton chair and the intensive colorful wall behind gives the room personality.

All art is provided by Alice van den Abeele - ALICE GALLERY -  4 rue du pays de Liège, Brussels - www.alicebxl.com

A.L.I.C.E. presents a panel of emerging and confirmed international artists. The gallery is a platform of cultural exchange with the public, without limits of genre or medium.

A.L.I.C.E. defends a sharp aesthetic which escapes all strict definition and reflects the vitality of a contemporary art scene representative of its time.