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Bauhaus history

The german Bauhaus school, founded by Walter Gropius, was one of the most important schools of architecture, design and art of the 20th century. The Bauhaus was founded with the idea of creating a total of art in which all arts, including architecture, would be brought together.

The history of the Bauhaus is by no means linear. The changes in directorship resulted in a constant shifting of focus, technique, instructors and politics. The numerous consequences of the experiment had a profound influence on how we live today.

One of the students of the Bauhaus was Marcel Lajos Breuer. He was one of the masters of Modernism.  Breuer displayed interest in modular construction and simple forms, just like the round table that was designed by him. With its simple elegance, the tubular steel table with glass top has become a timeless icon of modern design.

Gerd Lange designed these farmer chairs for the German manufacturer Bofinger in 1965. The frame consists of just a few wooden parts which are stuck together and held by the fabric.

Here you see an other piece of Marcel Breuer. This round table has a tubular steel frame and is finished with a wooden top. 

All art is provided by Alice van den Abeele - ALICE GALLERY -  4 rue du pays de Liège, Brussels - www.alicebxl.com

A.L.I.C.E. presents a panel of emerging and confirmed international artists. The gallery is a platform of cultural exchange with the public, without limits of genre or medium.

A.L.I.C.E. defends a sharp aesthetic which escapes all strict definition and reflects the vitality of a contemporary art scene representative of its time.